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So there hasn’t been a lot of cooking going on in my kitchenette this past month because WE MOVED! So I have new kitchenette to test out once all of the boxes are unpacked 🙂

In the meantime, we have been eating out a lot!

I completed another restaurant review for The D.C. Scene.

Read it here!: http://www.nbc4.com/dcscene/16404412/detail.html


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Mon Ami Gabi

I’ve taken the next step up from my foodie blog and have started writing as a contributor to The DC Scene. Very exciting!

Read my review of Mon Ami Gabi in print here!!:


Next stop…. editor-in-chief of Gourmet by summer 🙂

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1789 Restaurant


Thank goodness for restaurant week! Tony and I went to 1789 Restaurant- a coveted reservation during Restaurant Week- and definitely a place we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise! The restaurant is an institution in D.C. Situated on a tiny side street in Georgetown, I felt I should have arrived in a horse drawn carriage instead of our Volvo. It is actually an old townhouse with five different dining rooms throughout. Very cozy, romantic and formal- men are required to wear jackets. So it was a great excuse to dress up and dine.

The entire menu was offered for Restaurant Week which was very nice. A lot of restaurants only offer a few selections to choose from and, in my opinion, that totally defeats the purpose of Restaurant Week. We definitely experimented with our food selections and it paid off…

I ordered an Artic Chard appetizer- which is best described as a mix between smoked salmon and lox. The pink fish was wrapped around crème fraiche and cavier and served with roasted beets and toast points. It was amazing. A lthough I confirmed my distaste for cavier- it’s too fishy for me. For my entrée I ordered rockfish. The fish was pure white, thick and melted in my mouth. It was served on top of wild mushroom risotto and a butternut squash sauce. It sounds fussy, but was an excellent combination. Tony ordered the rack of lamb, which we later learned in talking with the manager, has been the restaurant’s staple dish for over 20 years. The ingredients change only slightly with the season. Tony is still talking about it, it was that good. He played flag football the next morning and swore he was going to be “Baaaa-ing” at the opposing team. 🙂

I took another chance with dessert and ordered the rum cake. I saw it prepared for another table and the presentation alone sealed my decision. It was like a performance. The server splits the cake in half, dollops vanilla bean cream in middle, and then pours a shot of rum over it. The cake was excellent, but I was not a fan of the rum. It was too saturated- I would have preferred that they let me pour it on myself and that way I could have regulated. I don’t like rum in my drink, so I don’t why I would like it on my cake! Tony’s dessert however, was fantastic. Lemon tart, orange compote, and lemon meringue. All three were lined up next to each other on the plate and you took a bit of each to create the perfect bite!

1789 is definitely a place everyone living in D.C. should experience once- especially during Restaurant Week! It is quintessential Georgetown- in every way that phrase can be interpreted.

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Ristorante Tosca


I am glad I decided to add restaurants to this blog because I went out to dinner again just last night! It is Restaurant Week here in Washington, D.C. and I went to Ristorante Tosca with five of my friends. I have always wanted to try this restaurant and it exceeded my expectations. The meal was incredible. Tosca is truly fine Italian dining. The dining room is stylish and contemporary but comfortable. The food is elegant and sophisticated. All of their pasta is homemade daily. Lucky for us Tosca offered their entire menu for Restaurant Week (most places have a limited menu). However this made ordering that much more difficult! I decided to take advantage of the options (i.e. be a piggy) and forgo the traditional first course appetizer. Instead I went right to the good stuff and ordered a pasta dish, a fish, and then dessert. Excellent decision!

My selections:

  • Tortelli di zucca alla Pavese con burro nocciolato, salvia e amaretti sbriciolati
    • Tortelli filled with roasted butternut squash, sautĂ©ed with brown butter, sage and amaretto cookies
  • Rana pescatrice arrosto in crosta di melanzane e timo su peperoni scottatie olio alle mandorle siciliane
    • Roasted monk fish in a eggplant and thyme crust with sautĂ©ed peppers and almond olive oil
  • Tortino tiepido al cioccolato bianco cpn gelato al cioccolato amaro e marmellata di arancini cinesi
    • White warm chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate ice cream and kumquat compote

The tortelli was my favorite. Since it was my first course, there were only four delicate tortelli, plump with butternut squash, served in a rich brown butter sage sauce. I could not imagine ordering an entire entrée of this dish. However I was VERY tempted to lick the plate when I was finished…

The monk fish was served with a thick crust of eggplant puree on top of sautéed peppers and oil. It was a simple dish, but quite rich.

I barely had room for dessert so it was a good thing I wasn’t crazy about the warm chocolate cake. I failed to notice the first word in the dish was “white” so I was surprised when a yellow cake with a custard filling was set in front of me. I despise all custard-like food so I was disappointed when a thick creamy filling oozed out of an otherwise tasty cake. So I essentially just ate the (delicious!) homemade ice cream with the kumquat compote (which would have made an excellent dessert in its own right without the cake!).

Overall it was a fabulous three hour dining experience with good friends, conversation, wine, and of course food 🙂

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So I have decided to expand my blog to include restaurant reviews. I love to eat way more than I like to cook so I think it is a fitting addition.

Tony and I went to Jaleo in Bethesda the other night for dinner. We enjoy this Spanish-style tapas restaurant and have eaten here on a number of occasions. However, this time we went as “mystery shoppers.” Tony signed us up with this company that compensates you for going to certain restaurants. All you have to do is go to a pre-selected restaurant on a designated date and fill out a rather comprehensive report online about your experience. It’s great! So we took advantage of our ($70!) credit and had an excellent meal.

We splurged and ordered a pitcher of white sangria. We usually just get the traditional red sangria which is amazing, so I was a bit hesitant to veer from the norm. However after hearing the bartender’s description and watching him make it for someone else I was sold. They make it with sparkling white wine, brandy, vodka, vanilla liquor, LOTS of strawberries and fresh mint. It was delicious.

We then ordered the following array of tapas:

  • Tomato bread with Manchego cheese
  • Seared Tuna with sesame seeds and raisin sauce
  • Monk fish with eggplant puree
  • Brussels sprouts with dried fruit and pancetta
  • Sirloin steak (I don’t eat red meat so I don’t recall the specifics!)

The tomato bread with Manchego is a MUST. We always get it. I really enjoyed the tuna- perfectly pink in the middle. I like monk fish, but neither of us were excited about the eggplant puree- it overpowered the fish in my opinion. We’ve been on a Brussels sprout kick for some time so we had to try the dish. The dried fruit added a nice sweet contrast to the sprouts. I assume the pancetta added an additional layer of saltiness, but since I don’t dig pig I worked around it! Tony devoured the steak- however there was a mix up in the kitchen so he was salivating when it finally arrived. He was ultimately rewarded for his patience though as the waiter took the steak off our bill which left room in our budget for dessert! (not that any so-called budget would stop us otherwise)…. We enjoyed a mini chocolate molten cake with walnut sauce and a scope of vanilla bean ice cream. The cake was excellent in its own right- but the walnut sauce added a wonderful nutty layer to the chocolate flavors. Mmmm… I can still taste it!

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