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We recently took a trip to St. Lucia and had the most amazing time! St. Lucia is a gorgeous island in the West Indies that is surrounded by rainforest and has a very strong Creole culture.

Of course, food played a very important role on our trip and we happily discover many new and local St. Lucian things!

 Here are some highlights:

Mango trees were everywhere! We enjoyed fresh mango, along with many other local fruits at breakfast each morning. One of our favorite discoveries was passion fruit:

Banana trees covered the island. I learned that St. Lucia exports its bananas to the U.K., whereas the U.S. gets all of its bananas from South America.  St. Lucian bananas are actually smaller and slightly sweeter than “American” bananas. I had an American banana in my bag (shhh… don’t tell customs!) and we did a taste test between the two. I actually like the St. Lucian banana better!

We also had about 10 different types of fish while we were there (yes, we counted!).

King fish with shrimp and real pieces of sugar cane.

Barracuda! It was delicious- and so were all of the wonderful Creole sauces and spices they served with everything.

Salt fish- a favorite during happy hour at the beach bar!

We went to a local “fish fry” one night in a small fishing village. The streets were lined with booths where people sold grilled fish and other local dishes.

Red snapper and mahi mahi.

Grilled mackerel (Tony was brave enough to try- his description=”fish french fry”!…)

Grilled bread fruit- a fruit that tasted more like a potato that I loved and had many times during our stay!

The local fisherman casting their nets off our beach at the resort.

Fresh “catch of the day”- barracuda! (he was taking it up to our resort’s restaurant to see if they wanted to buy it!). The fishermen would also go diving with snorkels and spearfish off our beach! Tony followed them around like a puppy dog. Here’s a catch of red snapper and Carribean lobster:

One of the things we were looking forward to having in St. Lucia was Carribean lobster, which we remember from our trip to Aruba years ago. Unfortunately we found out it was not lobster season while were there so we didn’t get to have any. There is apparently a $5,000 fine per lobster caught during the off-season. Quite a risk these fisherman were taking!

So…. upon our return home we decided to treat ourselves to a lobster dinner! It was actually Maine lobster (which we both agree is better than Carribean lobster anyway).  It helped ease the vacation blues as we looked back through our pictures and wished we were still there!

Soooo delicious with drawn butter and corn and the cob!

Reason #2,554 why I love my husband:

Tony: “So I think… oh, sorry you’re enjoying your last bite aren’t you?”

Jeannette: nods her head while chewing and smiling with her eyes closed.

Tony: “Ok, I’ll wait until you’re done.”   

He understands the importance of savoring the last bite!  🙂

It was an amazing vacation!


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